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Oil changes are critical to the life of your engine. Todays motors need the oil changed every 3000 to 3500 miles. Gregs Service Center can change your oil, refill all fluids, and thoroughly inspect your vehicle for a discounted price. Please visit our coupon section for great deals on oil changes.


Everyone thinks to change their oil, however they tend to ignore other fluids in their vehicles. Transmission fluid and antifreeze need to be changed and the systems cleaned out. Gregs Service Center can service cooling and transmissions to keep them running smooth all year long.


Gregs Service Center now carries and installs most name brands of tires. We are equipped to install and balance every size tire available. Gregs Service Center is equipped with all Hunter mounting, balancing and alignment equipment. Gregs technicians have been trained by Hunter representatives to ensure that your vehicle rides smoothly and doesnt wear your new tires.Tires should be rotated every other oil change or 5000 miles.


Fuel Injection systems are easily maintained by simply adding a bottle of injection cleaner periodically. However, if fuel injection system doesnt clear up the miss, then you may have an injector that has failed or become permanently clogged.

Gregs Service Center can clean your injector or diagnose the problem and get you back on the road in a hurry.


Most of the time when a check engine light comes on, the vehicle will store a code that will help us diagnose the problem by simply running a diagnostics check to read the codes. Sometimes the first step is to reset the light and see if it was just a blip in the system or something more serious. In most of todays vehicles, is the light is yellow it means continue with caution. If the light is red, it means stop.

Gregs Service Center can diagnose and reset the light, help explain to you what you vehicle is trying to tell you and repair the problems needed to keep you on the road.

Belts and hoses are other items that are often overlooked. These can be easily inspected by visually inspecting them.

Gregs Service Center can inspect your hoses and belts and replace them before they leave you stranded on the road.


Shock and struts are also easily diagnosed. If you are bouncing allover the road, you can usually blame the shocks and struts. These are made to stabilize your vehicle.

Gregs Service Center can inspect your shocks and struts and replace them as needed to keep your ride smooth.


Air filters are another easy fix to keep your vehicle running smooth. If your car cant breathe, it cant perform. These need to be checked, cleaned, or replaced periodically.

Gregs Service Center can inspect and clean your air filter at each oil change and replace them as needed to keep your vehicle performing like new.


New vehicles have multiple computers that need to be looked at periodically to make sure that you arent having problems. These computers are no different than your home computers. Every once in a while they need to be rebooted or restarted.

Gregs Service Center can run a complete diagnostics check on your vehicle to insure that your vehicle doesnt have a costly and untimely breakdown.

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