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Gregs Service Center offers everything in transmission repair and service from a fluid and filter change to a complete rebuild, even a new or used replacement. Most of our transmissions come with a 30-60-90 day warranty or even a 12-month warranty.


Gregs Service Center offers complete radiator and heater core cleaning and replacing service on all makes and models. We can get most all models overnight. Included with this service is a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. This does not include coolant.


A/C service is often a neglected system of your vehicle. The A/C system should be checked every 2 years to avoid costly repairs. Gregs Service Center offers complete A/C service from refilling the system with Freon to a complete rebuilding of compressors. All compressors and components also come with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.


Batteries and charging systems are often ignored until your vehicle wont start. Checking these systems is quick and easy. At Gregs Service Center we can check your battery and charging system to make sure that you dont come out one morning and end up with a dead battery. Gregs Service Center can replace batteries and alternators often with a lifetime warranty. Most batteries are at pro rate cost.


Clutches are easy to diagnose. If you put your car in gear and it doesnt go, its probably the clutch. Gregs Service Center replaces clutches, pressure plates, and throw-out bearings.


Timing belts and chains are a more common problem in todays smaller higher RPM motors. However, if you do need a timing chain or belt replaced, Gregs Service Center can replace and restore your motor back to original and get you back on the road.


Gregs Service Center is equipped with a state-of the- art Hunter Alignment Equipment. Gregs technicians are Hunter trained to perform steering and suspension work on all of todays complicated steering systems.


Tune-ups are the simplest way to improve the performance and fuel mileage capabilities of your vehicle. Plugs, plug wires, belts, and hoses are all items that need to be replaced to keep your vehicle running. Gregs can tune up your vehicle, and get it back to running like new again.


Smog pumps virtually never go bad. However, converters are often clogged and can hamper the performance of your vehicle. Converters should be checked every time you have major repairs or tune-ups performed on your car. Gregs can test your converter and replace them if needed.


Overheating an engine is not that uncommon. However, it will ruin a motor by getting too hot. Gregs Service Center can replace or check all aspects of a heating and cooling system. Most all these parts carry a 90-day to lifetime warranty.


Todays vehicles are equipped with more computers than the first spacecraft that landed on the moon. Gregs Service Center can perform, diagnose, or relearn these computers and modules. Gregs can also diagnose and repair wiring grounds, light bulbs, and plugs to get you back on the road.


Starters do one thing. They start your vehicle. If your car wont do anything but click and the battery is good, it is probably the starter. Gregs Service Center can diagnose the problem, replace your worn starter with a new or rebuilt starter and have you back on the road in no time.

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